We had to make sound tracks for our video we made on ShotCut. We also merged tracks. We also edited tracks and changed the speed, the pitch and other effects we wanted to add. For next time, I would improve by making it flow better, and Advertisements

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Movie Poster

I have made a movie poster. I had technical problems so I couldn’t make it into a good resolution. I would make this better by using higher quality pictures.

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BART SKATEBOARDING (CAUSES WHOLE FAMILY TO DIE) [Death of Simpsons] -NICE MUSIC ON IT TOO   I used ShotCut. I would improve speed and volume of some of the audio tracks because some parts were too silent, too loud, or one of them was going over each other. I did a video based on the […]

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This is my pattern design. I did a pattern of 2 triangles and there is an outside layer to it.  For next time, I would improve by adding more colors. I had an issue because it took a while to get the grasp about the layer mask functions. I would add more colors because this grey […]

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Light Bulb

This is my final design. I had no issues. I think I did well erasing. I would improve my speed. I made a light bulb filled with stuff. Doing GIMP. I used erase and fading tool and some others. For example multiply layer modes like overlay.   The first project we did was the light […]

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